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Safari hypermarket extended promotional offers with amazing price discounts

Safari, the most loved shopping destination for residents and expatriates for as far back as quite a long while and an outstanding hypermarket aggregate in Doha, has expanded the most mainstream 10-20-30 limited time offers including more items with stunning vprice discounts. . 

The promotion which began on October 1, 2018 saw immense reaction in its first week itself and along these lines has been expanded, said a discharge. Safari has dependably guaranteed an exceptionally client well disposed methodology and the 10-20-30 promotional offers are likewise outlined remembering this. Products with prevalent quality at a lesser cost are the strength of this 10-20-30 promotion. 


Safari has been a pioneer in holding such promotions consistently. Their first promotions was 'Win QR1m in real money' which was the first of its kind in Qatar. The 'Safari Win 10 Nissan Patrol Cars' promotions has ended up being an immense achievement as well and was trailed by the continuous "Win 10kg Gold Promotion", in which the customers can win gold through a wager draw, and the now running 10-20-30 promotion all have been exceptionally fruitful. 

Safari Group Director and General Manger Zainul Abideen  said that Safari is the primary foundation which has made a straightforward connection between the customer and the organization. Safari has dependably presented distinctive assortments of day by day promotions and offers. 

The 10-20-30 promotions from Safari is the most famous among them. More than a great many assortment items are displayed as a piece of this promotions. These incorporate nourishment items, every day use items, wellbeing items, excellence care items, house hold, sterile, cleaning items, gadgets and electrical things, Readymade, Foot Wear, and Computer Accessories among some more. 

Baskin-Robbins frozen yogurt 500 ml bottle for just QR10, Nescafe jolt 200 grams for just QR20, Kenwood mark steam Iron Box for just QR30 are the features of this 10-20-30 promotions. 

In Safari Bakery and Hot nourishment division combo offers including Western, South Indian, North Indian, Arabic and Chinese sustenance items are organized. A 3-piece Chicken Fry + 4 Chapathy + Salad + 350ml Cola for just QR10, Safari browned Half Chicken + 2 Bun+ Ketchup + 350ml Cola for just QR10 are orchestrated in Safari pastry shop and Hot Food Division. Likewise Vanilla cake, Vegetable biriyani, Pathiri and chicken curry, Burger, Pizza and so forth thus numerous Combo offers are accessible here. 

In Fresh nourishment, Delicatessen division diverse sorts of plates of mixed greens and cheddar things are orchestrated the customer. New stick, Feta cheddar, Rumi cheddar, Turkish Labneh, Mixed pickles, Pasta serving of mixed greens, Strawberry spinach plate of mixed greens and so forth are the features of this 10 - 20-30 promotions. 

In Frozen division, Sadiya Chicken, diverse sorts of fish like Tilapia, Rohu, Katla among others and Milk and Milk items are masterminded this promotions. In Grocery division, diverse sorts of Snacks and nourishment things are orchestrated the customer. Espresso Mate 400 gram for just QR10, Lancy drain powder 2.25 Kg for just QR30 are the features of this promotions. 

In house-hold division wide assortments of day by day utilize items, in Cosmetics division assortments of Soap, Face Wash, Body Lotion and so forth, are exhibited in this promotions. Marked results of Pantene, Dove, Nivea, Olay, Johnson and Johnson are accessible for just QR10, 20, 30. Additionally Perfume, Body shower, Makeup Sets are orchestrated a similar cost. 

In Stationary division, distinctive kinds of stationary items for school kids and workplaces are displayed in this promotions. Four-in-one stationary set, BMO A4 sheet, contemplate table with seat and so on are orchestrated this promotions. Additionally in Toys and Sports division wide assortment of items are accessible at the value level of QR10-20-30. Remote Cars, Battery worked Dolls and furthermore Neck bear massager for just QR30 are a portion of the things that incorporated into this super promotions. 

In Garments division, wide assortments of items are orchestrated the customer at a low cost. Gigantic offers are composed in Electronics division for the significant customer. It incorporates diverse kinds of Emergency lights for just QR30, Trimmers, Torches, Calculators, Headsets for QR10 and 20. 

As a piece of 10-20-30 promotions, Musical shows were hung on October 2, 3 and 4, 2018 at 6:30pm. This program was driven by Navas Palery, noted Malayalam vocalist and well known artistes from Doha. And furthermore there was a Magic show by Francis. The section for this show was free for all and the setting was the sustenance court of Safari Mall situated in Abu Hamour. 

Safari uber promotions dependably present incredible offers and endowments. The new awesome promotions in which the customer can win 10 kg of gold was presented in all Safari outlets from September 10, 2018 ahead. There will be 5 fortunate draws and 4 champs in each fortunate draw with 2 kg of gold the triumphant prize in each fortunate draw. 

The principal prize victor will be granted 1 kg of gold, 500 gm for second prize champ, 300 gm for third champ and 200 gm for the individual in the fourth position. The primary fortunate draw will be hung on October 29, 2018 at Safari Mall situated at Abu Hamour. Anybody can partake in this occasion through the fortunate draw of coupons which they get while buying for each QR50 worth of merchandise.

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