Expat held for stealing nearly OMR1.3 million through online banking

 One person of "Arab nationality" has been arrested for stealing OMR1.27 million using counterfeit credit cards, Royal Oman Police (ROP) has announced.

According to the officials, the culprit forged bank cards belonging to others, transferred money to his account and then withdrew it in cash at different ATMs.


In a statement, ROP said, “The Directorate General of Investigation and Criminal Investigation of the ROP arrested a person of Arab nationality on charges of using counterfeit credit cards belonging to others and in violation of money laundering laws and information technology,”

The accused transferred OMR1,270,000 and then withdrew it in cash, police said, adding, "The criminal method of the accused, who manages the banking operations of a company, was to transfer money using counterfeit credit cards forged at ATMs and then withdraw in cash, where the value of withdrawals was more than OMR 1,270,000,”

Police said that the accused has been referred to judicial authorities for further investigation and trial.

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