Qatar Woqod : New petrol station opens in Al Gharrafa

Qatar Fuel (Woqod) opened yesterday another petroleum station at Al Gharrafa territory totaling 76 oil stations kept running by the organization the nation over. A different portable diesel station likewise opened close Woqod Bu Fesseela station, said Woqod in an announcement. 

Woqod's CEO, Engr. Saad Rashid Al Muhannadi, stated: "We opened new settled petroleum station Al Gharrafa-2. Woqod tries to grow its oil station arrange in the nation to take care of the rising demand for oil based commodities and accomplish the objective of furnishing clients with access to best-in-class items and administrations whenever it might suit them and solace." 

He said that Woqod has as of late quickened the procedure for the development of new oil stations to meet the fuel and vitality needs of the nation. "Woqod group might want to stretch out their appreciation to all concerned administrative and private elements that contributed/are adding to the finishing of this venture," said Al Muhannadi. 

The new oil station at Al Gharrafa is spread over a territory of 15000 square meters and has 4 paths with 12 distributors that will serve Al Gharrafa and its neighborhood. 

The new oil stations offer nonstop administrations to inhabitants, and incorporate Sidra accommodation store, Manual Car wash, Oil change and tire fix, offer of LPG barrels, notwithstanding offer of fuel and diesel items for light vehicles. 

Al Muhannadi included that Woqod is as of now directing the execution of 21 new petroleum stations, countless are relied upon to be operational amid the present year, noticing that there are 9 stations in the offering stage and 14 stations in the plan stage. 

He brought up that Woqod, in encouragement of consumer loyalty's, opened a portable diesel station close Woqod Bu Fesseela station and as of now chipping away at destroying of diesel gadgets from Bu Fesseela station and will supplant them by petroleum allocator to lessen the vehicles clog.

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