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Scientists Explain 5 Things That Can Happen If You Rub Your Eyes Too Much

You were likely told as a tyke that you ought to never rub your eyes, yet you realize everybody does it here and there. A few people like to rub their eyes since they feel bothersome. Others do it since it expels and alleviates the eyes of aggravations like residue. 

Scouring may likewise be unwinding for certain individuals on the grounds that the nerves on the eyeballs are invigorated when softly squeezed. The scouring activity additionally helps in the oil and stream of tears, particularly for dry and tired eyes. 


You may ponder — what's the most exceedingly bad that can happen when you rub your eyes? Clearly, there are a great deal of wellbeing concerns when you do this unreasonably. Here are a few things that can occur on the off chance that you rub your eyes excessively. 


"Your hands are a petri dish loaded with microscopic organisms. When you rub your eyes, it might feel useful for that minute, yet you are exchanging undesirable microorganisms and applying weight into a touchy and helpless zone." – Dr. Sherry Ross 


Do you realize that your hands are loaded with microscopic organisms? It's the reason specialists dependably state you need to wash your hands normally to keep them clean. Thus, while it may feel great to rub your drained eyes, you're really exchanging microorganisms to a couple of delicate and helpless organs. 

On the off chance that your hands are excessively filthy, you can hazard tainting your eyes and trigger an aggravation called conjunctivitis or pinkeye, as indicated by the American Optometric Association. 

In spite of the fact that a pinkeye isn't that genuine and won't harm your vision, it can get awkward. It is additionally profoundly infectious. 

The strain may show up on one eye first and cause you to tear up and have watery release. 

In any case, the following day, your other eye will likewise get aroused and the lymph hubs under your jawbone may likewise swell. 

Your eyes could likewise tingle, consume, and develop delicate to light in the event that you have conjunctivitis. 

You may encounter some torment, particularly on the off chance that you take a gander at something brilliant. 

Thus, you won't almost certainly work and capacity well since you can't open your eyes appropriately. 

Treating pinkeye will rely upon the sort of infection, microscopic organisms, germs, or aggravations causing the irritation. Much of the time, individuals do only give the contamination a chance to take its common course. 

As a rule, pinkeye may keep going for seven days if the disease is viral. You may need to treat the condition with anti-toxins if it's a bacterial contamination. Luckily, there are different reasonable choices for eye drops, balms, and prescriptions for conjunctivitis. You may likewise need to take an antihistamine if the pinkeye is a direct result of a hypersensitive response. 

Along these lines, it's essential to get yourself checked to help tight down what's truly causing the disease. To put it plainly, be that as it may, basically abstain from scouring your eyes in light of the fact that the danger of disease is constantly present. In the event that you can't resist, ensure that your hands are spotless. 


You'll hazard harming your cornea on the off chance that you rub your eyes excessively. Your cornea is the vault molded security in the front of your eyes which controls the light and empowers you to see the world with clear vision. The layer shields the iris amidst your eyes. 

When you rub your eyes excessively, you could experience the ill effects of corneal scraped area. This issue probably won't have any indications at the outset. Be that as it may, you'll have a craving for something is in your eyes, which prompts you to scratch it significantly more to bring alleviation. 

You'll have to see an ophthalmologist or go to a medical clinic's crisis unit in the event that you experience the accompanying in light of the fact that all things considered, you've harmed your cornea: 

It feels like there's sand in your eyes. 

Your eyes hurt when under direct light. 

Your eyes are excruciating, particularly when you endeavor to open and close it. 

You experience red and weepy eyes. 

Your vision winds up foggy. 

A minor corneal scraped spot may take days to recuperate. All that scouring and weight can without much of a stretch tear the cornea since it's made up dainty collagen filaments. In the event that these filaments debilitate and separate, the cornea swells and creates as a condition called keratoconus. 

It may take a very long time for the swelling to die down on the off chance that you have keratoconus. The condition will likewise make it harder for your eyes to concentrate so you could encounter obscured vision and might need to wear eyeglasses or contact focal points. 

Individuals with keratoconus are regularly determined to have astigmatism or partial blindness (nearsightedness). In the United States, something like 42 percent of people from the ages of 12 to 54 have one of these conditions. For certain individuals, be that as it may, the best way to address keratoconus is through LASIK medical procedure. This method adjusts most type of vision issues so you won't need to rely upon eyeglasses or contact focal points. 


The zone under your eyes end up dull for an assortment of reasons. One of these reasons could be on the grounds that you're scouring your eyes excessively. The layers of skin around your eyes are among the most sensitive and the most slender on your body. Each time you rub this zone, you could likewise be harming the little veins under the skin's surface. 

The blood stream in the tissues around your eyes winds up upset when the veins break. 

You'll see your skin getting darker and shadowy in tone and shade. 

While this isn't a disturbing condition, dark circles under your eyes can without much of a stretch make you look more established and rough. 

The issue, in any case, is that the dark circles don't die down immediately. You can cover them with cosmetics or douse cold tea sacks and put them on your eyes for 20 minutes to improve appearance. This may make your eyes look emphatically invigorated, however just incidentally. For different cases, you may require a restorative methodology to address the issue, which has its own dangers. 

Ragged looking eyes or red eyes, then again, can likewise create when you rub your eyes excessively. It happens in light of the fact that the veins inside your eyes are kindled and aggravated. 

It's less demanding to treat and ease ragged looking eyes than dark circles with over-the-counter eye drops. 

You may likewise have a go at putting a virus pack and rest your eyes for 20 minutes. 

In any case, if the aggravation doesn't leave for a few days, visit the specialist for the best treatment and to keep a difficulty. 


Scouring your eyes gives transitory alleviation when you are worn out. Here and there, you do this naturally in light of the fact that the weight feels better. Be that as it may, as animating as it very well may be, you'll just motivation wrinkles around your eyes with the steady scouring. This is the reason it's bad to make a propensity out of this activity. 

The more you rub your eyes, the more awful the wrinkles get in light of the fact that the skin around there is very sensitive. 

It has collagen and elastin that effectively separate and lead to wrinkle arrangement. 

You should likewise oppose scouring the eye region an excess of when you're applying or evacuating eye cosmetics and eye creams. 

However much as could be expected, touch the beauty care products delicately on your skin and dependably utilize a brush for the cosmetics application and a cotton cushion for the cosmetics evacuation. 

Never apply anything with simply your hands, particularly in the event that you haven't washed them first. 

On the off chance that you have to utilize your hands, be that as it may, apply creams and concealers with your ring finger since that finger has the lightest weight. 

On the off chance that you apply eyeliner or utilize an eyebrow pencil, abstain from pulling your eyelids or eyebrows. The skin in these regions can likewise lose flexibility after some time and lead to wrinkle arrangement. 


You should oppose scouring your eyes when you have glaucoma since you will intensify this condition, as indicated by the diary Case Reports in Ophthalmology. Glaucoma happens when there's a weight development in your eyes that harms the optic nerves. It step by step creates and may possibly show when you're more established and your eyes are more fragile. 

Glaucoma prompts the loss of vision or perpetual visual impairment. 

When it strikes, there is no remedy for this condition. 

In any case, its movement might be backed off with medicines. 

On the off chance that you take steady consideration of your eyes and see your specialist normally, you can in any case keep on getting a charge out of a positive life while managing a hindered vision. 

rub your eyes 

Some portion of your preventive measure against the intricacies of glaucoma is to oppose scouring your eyes excessively. The thing is, be that as it may, there are no quick indications to this condition other than the steady loss of vision. 

In this way, a great many people don't get their eyes checked on the grounds that they feel this is a characteristic piece of maturing. In a perfect world, you should get your eyes checked each year, particularly in case you're over 40 years of age or have a family ancestry of eye illnesses. 


On the off chance that you have the desire to rub your eyes, at that point attempt these choices so you won't hazard harming the collagen, elastin, nerves, and tissues: 

Flush down bothered eyes with running water. Go to the shower and wash your face specifically under it for a couple of minutes. 

Complete a virus pack utilizing a delicate washcloth to ease bothersome and chafed eyes. 

Use eye drops to calm sore and red eyes. 

Take an antihistamine drug if the bothering is because of sensitivities. 

Wear shades to secure your eyes when you're outside. 

Expel your contact focal points legitimately when you need to rest. 

Close and rest your eyes for no less than 20 minutes in the wake of utilizing devices for quite a long time. 

Get yourself checked for any disturbances that are as yet present the following day. 


You rely upon your eyes from the minute you wake up until you hit the hay during the evening. In this way, take great consideration of your eyes similarly you keep an eye out for the wellbeing of your heart and whatever is left of your organs. Keep in mind that the eyes have no torment receptors, which implies that you won't feel any indications that something is wron

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