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Okra: As Anti-Aging Face Mask, Moisturizer and Hair Gel

Step by step instructions to Use Okra as Anti-Aging Face Mask, Moisturizer and Hair Gel 

Okra is have abnormal amounts of nutrient A, C, and different cancer prevention agents, which makes it an accommodating elective choice for diminishing wrinkles, as cream and in decreasing skin disturbances, as indicated by Lana Pinchasov, RPA-C, doctor associate at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. 

Keep in mind that these skin benefits depend on general learning of what different nutrients and cancer prevention agents accomplish for your skin, and not on proof that okra itself straightforwardly improves your skin. So, there is no contending that okra is a sound vegetable that merits attempting. Both in your dinners and all over. 


Excellence Uses of Okra: 

1. Okra as Anti-Aging Face Pack 


1. Cut 6 crisp okras on a level plane. 

2. Bubble in 1 glass water for 10 minutes, until delicate. 

3. Strain and add the bubbled okra to a little blender. Try not to dispose of the water, you can utilize it to make a DIY hair gel. 

4. Include 1 tsp additional virgin olive oil and 4 tsp of thick greek yogurt into the blender. Mix for a couple of moments until smooth. 

5. Spot the okra face blend in a sealable container, at that point store in the cooler and use inside multi week. 

6. Apply on your spotless neck and face, maintaining a strategic distance from the eyes. 

7. Following 15 minutes, flush off utilizing water. Your skin will feel and look young! 

2. Okra as Face Moisturizer 


2 glasses Chopped okra 


Jojoba oil or your most loved transporter oil (discretionary) 


1. Bubble 2 glasses in some water for around 15 minutes. 

2. Expel the okra from the warmth, and soak for 10 minutes. 

3. Spot the substance in a water/air proof container, seal it, and permit to soak medium-term. 

4. Toward the beginning of the day, you will have a container of vile stuff, simply place the sludge into a different compartment. This foul adhesive can be a decent formula for natively constructed Hair conditioner. 

5. With the remaining okra cases, place them in the blender, or you can simply squash them if blender isn't accessible, with 1/4 glass water. 

6. Make them into a cover that can be connected to your face for around 15-20 minutes. 

3. Okra as Hair Gel 

Did you realize that the ooze in okra is ideal for making your very own DIY hair gel? This is what you need to do: 


1. Cut on a level plane and evacuate however many seeds as could reasonably be expected from 6 okras. 

2. Bubble some water in a pot. 

3. After bubbling, decrease the warmth, at that point include the okra, and stew for somewhere around 10-15 minutes. On the off chance that you need a meager gel, stew for only 10 min, while for a thicker gel for 15 min. 

4. Blend sometimes, expel from warmth and let it chill off. At that point strain utilizing a plastic fine work strainer into a bowl. You can utilize the bubbled okras for making the face veil in point 2 above! 

5. Include ½ tsp nutrient E oil and 1 tsp additional virgin olive oil into the gelled water. 

6. Spot in a sealable container, and blend in 5-7 drops of your most loved smelling fundamental oil. Use inside 10 days. This mixutre will endures longer whenever refrigerated. 

7. Segment your newly washed and molded hair, at that point apply on your hair.

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