Ginger Water: One The Healthiest Drinks To Help Burn All The Fat

Losing weight can be frustrating. Putting together a healthy diet and exercise program is grueling work. The long hours you put in at the gym, only to come home and step on the scale and see no progress isn’t easy. When this happens, people tend to turn to expensive supplements that might give them the edge they need. But in the end, money is spent and the results are still the same. With that said, why not try something new like ginger water? Ginger is well known for its medicinal purposes like reducing inflammation in the muscles. A small study published on PubMed found that people who took ginger supplements on a daily basis had less muscle pain after they exercised.


There is a study published on PubMed that investigated the effects of gingerol on the changes in body weight. What researchers found was that when you supplement the body with ginger, it suppresses obesity by reducing body weight, glucose levels, and insulin. In addition, Medical News Today explains that the phenolic compounds found in ginger have been known to help relieve gastrointestinal irritation. Also, they state that ginger can also have beneficial effects on the enzymes trypsin and the pancreatic lipase. This helps increase motility through your digestive tract, which helps digestion which can help with weight loss.

Ginger water doesn’t just have benefits for losing weight; it also has other health benefits as well. If you are feeling nauseous, ginger water can help. According to a study published in Support Care Cancer in 2012, daily ginger supplementation actually reduced severe chemotherapy-induced nausea in cancer patients.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects: As I briefly mentioned earlier; ginger has huge anti-inflammatory effects. Drinking ginger water could help decrease inflammation, joint swelling, and pain. In fact, a study involving 74 volunteers that was conducted at the University of Georgia found that daily ginger supplementation reduced exercise-induced pain by 25%.

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