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The Qatar State Grand Mosque : Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque

With regards to mosques in Qatar, none can beat the greatness and eminence of the Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque settled in a noticeable neighborhood of Doha and unmistakable from a separation. The mosque was opened to the general population in 2011 by the Father Amir His Highness Sheik Hamad receptacle Khalifa al Thani (he was the Amir at the time) and is likewise outstanding as the Qatar State Grand Mosque. This Grand Mosque has a contemporary plan with a conventional Qatari wind to its basic, yet rich façade and its incredibly lovely inside structure and stylistic theme. 


Did you know... 

...the first Grand Mosque was worked by the author of Qatar Sheik Jassim canister Mohammed Al Thani, who had the mosque developed in memory of his dad who passed on in Sheik Jassim's nonappearance when he was away for a military crusade in the Zubara zone of the nation. He was recounted his dad's demise when he came back from Zubara in 1878. 

Repaired Qatar State Grand Mosque 

Title: The repaired Qatar State Grand Mosque as it loooks today 

The Grand Mosque was repaired to give it the look and feel that it has today. The repair started on 16 December 2006 and the all out expense of this work was QR 420 million riyals. 

The man behind the mosque's name 

Imam Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahhab (1703 – 1792) was an outstanding religious Muslim pioneer, reformer, scholar and pioneer amid the eighteenth century who instructed individuals to pursue just the lessons of the Quran and the Sunnah (educating and methods for Prophet Muhammad – harmony arrive). He had a place with the Najd zone arranged in the Central district of Saudi Arabia. 

The façade 

The façade of the Grand Mosque is comprised of sandstone and has protected conventional highlights of Qatar's rich legacy and its productive history. The mosque isn't high and the littler vaults on the building, copy the building imperatives that Qatar confronted when it was a not all that well off nation. 

During the evening time, the mosque is lit up with deliberately put lighting that adds to the general wonder of Qatar's most noticeable mosque. 

QatarState Grand Mosque entrance

There are 93 vaults on the Grand Mosque; 65 of them make up the external quadrangle of the mosque, while 28 bigger estimated arches ensure the focal lobby. 

Qatar State Grand Mosque entrance 

The mosque has 20 passages, of which three are principle entryways and 17 are side passageways. These passages encourage the substantial quantities of individuals entering and leaving the mosque amid supplication times to maintain a strategic distance from blockage. 

There is an expansive yard region in the mosque too. 

Qatar State Grand Mosque yard 

The size 

The Grand Mosque is comprised of a territory that covers 175,164 square meters. It can oblige around 11,000 men for petitions in its focal lobby, and roughly 1,200 ladies in the different exceptional region that is neighboring the focal corridor for ladies and the different ladies' supplication lobby situated on the mezzanine story. 

The inside 

Qatar State Grand Mosque 

QatarState Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque's inside is completely cooled; the corridors, walkways, petitions zones and library are vaporous and open. The roofs are domed; the all around structured walkways and petition corridors are beautified with huge wonderful crystal fixtures that light up the whole region enlightening the spaces that make up this Grand Mosque in the nighttimes. The inside of the Grand Mosque radiates brilliance and serenity and is meticulously point by point. It is lovely, exquisite but then basic and agreeable. 

The floors of the supplication territories are secured with lavish rugs for the straightforwardness and solace for the individuals who come to implore and there are lifts for the individuals who need them to go up to the mezzanine story. 

3 – stories 

The Grand Mosque is comprised of three stories. There is the cellar, ground floor and mezzanine. 

The storm cellar covers a region of around 3,853 square meters. It contains bathrooms, a devoted bathing (wudhu) territory for men, and machines. 

The ground story covers a region of 12,117 square meters. It involves the men's petition lobby, ladies' supplication region, a devoted bathing (wudhu) territory for ladies alongside an exceptional region that takes into account different requirements of ladies. 

The mezzanine story covers a territory of 2,594 square meters. It includes a petition lobby for ladies, a library and two unique lobbies for Quran memorisation (one for men and the other for ladies). 

Parking spots 

The stopping territory covers a region of 14,877 square meters so there is more than sufficient stopping for the individuals who come to supplicate in the mosque or visit it. Truth be told, there are 9 diverse parking spots, including an indoor one, that can suit 300 vehicles each. 

Mosque rules 

All guests to the mosque, including those that are coming to perform supplications are asked for to pursue the rules underneath: 

  • Try not to make commotion; put mobiles on quiet mode while in the mosque. 

  • Respect the mosque's holiness and dodge ill-advised lead. 

  • Respect the holiness of the mosque by sitting in a trained way 

  • Respect and appreciation different guests and supplication entertainers. 

  • Respect the hallowedness of the mosque and supplication entertainers while taking photos, i.e., no resting or utilizing some other inappropriate development or stance. 

  • Footwear must be kept in the shoe racks gave outside the supplication corridors. 

  • Nourishment and refreshments are not permitted inside the mosque; water to drink is accessible inside the mosque. 

  • It is your obligation to deal with your own things. 

  • An earlier composed authorisation is required from the Mosque office if there should arise an occurrence of taking photos or making video recording for business or private purposes. 

  • To keep the peacefulness and quietness of the mosque, kids under seven years old are not permitted to enter the petition corridors amid Ramadan between the Isha supplication and the Qiyam (midnight supplication) and amid address times. 

  • Kids under seven years old are just allowed to enter the ladies' supplication corridor on the ground story. 

  • It is entirely taboo to take photos in the ladies' supplication corridors. 

  • Mosque manners in the event that you are a non-Muslim 

In the event that you are a non-Muslim and wish to visit this Grand Mosque, passage is free, however there are some mosque decorums and rules that must be pursued. 

  • Section might be confined at specific occasions, so please get some information about visiting times. 

  • When visiting the mosque, it would be ideal if you wear unobtrusive garments (people) that spread the entire body. Ladies must wear an abaya and headscarf that can be given to them by a female gatekeeper at the passage. 

  • Respect the consecration of the mosque and dodge inappropriate direct while there. 

  • Make an effort not to visit the mosque at supplication times. 

  • Remove your shoes and spot them on the shoe racks accessible. 

  • Try not to exasperate the admirers. 

  • Keep your versatile turned off when in the mosque premises, so as not to aggravate the peacefulness of the mosque. 

  • Visitor gatherings, unique visits and visits for finding Islam, are to be arranged by required methods two days before the visit, and in the event of crossing out, the mosque ought to be informed as needs be. 

  • Nourishment and refreshments from outside are not permitted in the mosque; water to drink is accessible inside the mosque.. 

  • Do take authorization from the mosque office in the event that you need to utilize your camera to take photos. 

The Grand Mosque is arranged in the Jubailat zone in Doha on Al Mohandiseen Street. It isn't excessively a long way from the Corniche and has been based on a substantial slope so it tends to be seen from a far distance. It disregards the Qatar Sports Club and the heavenly Doha horizon of West Bay. 

Tel: 4425 0250

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