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Khor Al Adaid: Five reasons to visit this extraordinary 'Inland Sea'

Khor Al Adaid, which additionally passes by the name 'Inland Sea' and is one of the best most goal's in Qatar, for guests and those that dwell in Qatar, but then, numerous who live in Qatar are as yet ignorant of this uncommon scene that is both picturesque and amazingly lovely. For the individuals who know about the spot it is a safe house of quietness, tranquility and unwinding, and is nature in it's immaculate and most perfect structure. 

The individuals who go there once - dependably visit again - are entranced and hypnotized by the flawless and clear ocean water that is ideal for swimming and simply sprinkling around, and the delicate and consistently changing magnificence of the brilliant sand hills that you can sand-skate on or keep running here and there from, that add to the quality and wonder of the shoreline. 


Khor Al Adaid is a fabulous spot to go through the day with loved ones and furthermore an extraordinary outdoors ground for the individuals who are somewhat more courageous and need to encounter desert outdoors taking care of business and generally common. 

The best time to visit Khor Al Adaid is the point at which the climate gets cooler and winter starts. November up until April are the greatest months to visit this grand Qatar milestone. 

1. Area 

Khor Al Adaid is situated in the south-east district of Qatar; it spreads roughly 15 kilometers from the north of the nation toward the south and around 12 kilometers from the east toward the west. It is 80 kilometers from Doha and can be come to by 4x4 vehicles that move their way through desert and sand ridges. 

2. One of a kind highlights 

Khor Al Adaid is one of only three places on the planet where the ocean meets the sand ridges. It has a lagoona framework that is unparalleled somewhere else on the planet. 

This huge tidal embayment is associated with the Arabian Gulf and by a profound and limited channel which is roughly 10 kilometers in length. The embayment is commonly shared between both Qatar and Saudi Arabia with shorelines in the two nations. 

Different highlights of this vacation spot in Qatar are rough edges and ridges, raised levels, seaside sabkha (a level zone that is situated among ocean and desert that is regularly recognized by a dried up surface made up of stores like calcium carbonate, gypsum and salt, just as wind-blown dregs and tidal stores) and as of late found salt hillocks that are secured with a gypsum and salt covering, have added to the general excellence of the zone. 

These noticeable and exceptional highlights of the one of a kind 'Inland Sea' are the aftereffect of the amalgamation of geo-morphical and land arrangement and is supreme anyplace else in the district. 

Khor Al Adaid Shoreline 

KhorAl Adaid Shoreline


Picture Credit: Nabeela Tariq 

3. Perceived by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 

Khor Al Adaid is perceived by UNESCO as a characteristic save with an excellent scene that comes total with its very own eco-framework. 

4. Plant, natural life and marine species 


The spot is occupied with vegetation and vegetation that is regular in the GCC district, however are not found in a similar blend in some other single spot; 

Untamed life 

Khor Al Adaid's untamed life is comprised of Arabian gazelles, Arabian oryx and camels and flying creatures like flamingos, cormorants, seagulls, terns, ospreys and waterfowl (a birdwatcher's paradise). 

Marine life 

Khor Al Adaid's marine life is as various as the region itself and incorporates marine reptiles, shellfish, molluscs, finless porpoises, bottlenose dolphins, humpback dolphins, Bryde's whales, fish, turtles and the jeopardized dugong species. An expansive system of corals, macroalgae, plump green growth and seagrass knolls (known to be a standout amongst the most gainful ocean glade's on the planet and a huge encouraging ground for the territory's marine life) on the delicate and now and then rough ocean floor, alongside algal mats and mussel beds are dazzling in the waters that make up the Khor Al Adaid. 

5. Archeological and legacy destinations 

Additionally, in the region, you can locate some archeological and legacy locales like little islands that were utilized in ancient occasions for angling and cultivating, alongside a rough desert that was once occupied by the Bedouins and their brushing creatures. 

Step by step instructions to arrive 

Khor Al Adaid is around a hour's drive from Msaieed and the Sealine Beach. There is no street that prompts it and a 4X4 vehicle is an unquestionable requirement in the event that you need to arrive, alongside an accomplished driver who is utilized to going romping and rolling over the moving sand rises that are a piece of the scene and drive there. The directions to arrive are: N24 42 50 E51 24 55.

KhorAl Adaid

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