Dog Gets Its Head Stuck in Railings Until German Shepherd Pal Comes to Lend a Paw

A heart-warming video shows a caring canine helping another dog to safety after it got its neck stuck in a railing.


Teacher Edith Govea, 33, captured the adorable rescue mission in the central Mexican city of San Luis de Potosi with her smartphone and shared the footage on Facebook.

It begins with a small white dog which has got stuck trying to wriggle through railings on the top of a courtyard wall and is struggling to push his way through.

Suddenly, a much larger German Shepherd appears and decides to literally lend a paw, using it to try to pull the little dog through the gap.

At first the bigger dog's efforts seem to make no difference so she tries with two paws and even her teeth as she gives the other dog a gentle tug by the scruff of his neck.

A small white dog got stuck trying to wriggle through railings on the top of a courtyard wall (Image: CEN)

But its much larger German Shepherd friend came to its aid (Image: CEN)

And, finally, she manages to drag the little dog far enough through the railings for him to squeeze the rest of the way through and jump down to the ground.

Ms Govea shared the video on Facebook with the caption: "Bunny: 'Hurry!!

"Hurry!! Before my human comes!!', Shorty: 'Help me!!', Bunny: 'Yeah... yeah!!'"

The teacher later revealed that the heartwarming incident happened in the Pavon neighbourhood of San Luis Potosi.

The two dogs pictured together inside the house (Image: CEN)

Teacher Edith Govea, 33, captured the charming scene in the central Mexican city of San Luis de Potosi(Image: CEN)

Ms Govea said the German shepherd really was called Bunny but the white dog was actually called Malik.

She added: "I spend lot of time in this area and I saw these two dogs and I found it bizarre how he fought to help his friend."

Bunny lived in the house on the video while Malik lived in the neighbourhood and regularly called to visit his friend.

"It is beautiful to see how dogs also show love," she added.

San Luis Potosi, commonly called SLP or simply San Luis, is the capital and most populous city of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.

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