10 Bizarre Ancient Beauty Secrets

Ancient world had efficacious beauty remedies up their sleeves. Enthralling part is that they did not hesitate to venture and expand their beauty research even without lab tests.


Even though few rituals were eerie it is not easy either for them to discover and work through without equipment. If only they had known about arsenic poisoning and tapeworm pills; they would’ve not implemented them in the first place. Some of them work impeccably even today and are popular among celebs. You can go through ancient beauty rituals which were prominent among ancient people.

10. Sea Salt from Dead Sea, 1000 BC

DeadSea Salt Bath

Dead Sea is located in between Jordan and Israel and has 8.6 times saline than any ocean or salt water bodies in the world. The sea salt in the Dead Sea contains salt and minerals. Egyptian summers are sweltering along the Mediterranean coast, so Egyptians were conscious of skin and personal hygiene. The sea salt in the Dead Sea is used for skin for its therapeutic and sanative properties. Even now the sea salt is popular for skin replenishing and stress relieving. It is said that Cleopatra traveled all the way to Dead Sea just to take bath. She mixed 1-2 cups of sea salt in her bath which slows down aging. It’s a natural skin rejuvenate and cures eczema and psoriasis.

9. Arabic Body Sugaring, 1900 B.C.

ArabianBody Sugaring

As the name suggests, sugaring discovered by Arabians and has been in use since 1900 B.C. many of the beauty secrets were invented by Arabians, some of them are popular and well received among the skincare and beauty industries even now. They have a lot of fascinating beauty secrets up their sleeves like milk-honey facial and burnt almonds for eyebrows. Sugaring is made using just three main ingredients: lemon, sugar and water. Sugaring can be used for exfoliating and are less painful than waxing. They don’t have any harmful chemicals like toxins and hormone disruptors which are present in present day cosmetics. They came upon this wax based product to remove hair from body to attain smooth skin and also which is hygiene. Cleopatra the Egyptian beauty was using sugaring intentionally for exfoliating and hair removal.

8. Pearl Powder, 320 AD


Though using grounded pearls for skin care is lavish, they are used internally and externally in China over 1,000 years. Even today Asian beauty creams and masks have pearl powderingredient featured. They were used by royal Chinese women to improve their complexion and to treat acne. China’s only female empress Wu ZeTian also ingest teaspoonful of pearl powder to get glowing face. Pearl powder has antioxidants, proteins and amino acids which help them with health improvement and regeneration of collagen. And also rich in calcium which rejuvenates skin and bones when consumed. Even in India Ayurveda mentioned pearl powder as an antidote for poison. Pearls which cannot be used for jewels are finely grounded and they are added in face creams and masks for face brightening. Pearl powder was taken internally for to cure tuberculosis and eye diseases in China.

7. Crushed Beetles for Red Pout, 3500 BC

CrushedBeetles for Red Pout

Lips are the sensual part of our body and wearing lipsticks will make you stand out in the crowd. Mesopotamian women were the first inventors of lip colors. They used crushed gem stones and bees wax to color their lips red. Later they would’ve figured out that they were playing with the precious gems. It was Egyptians who advanced the lip color culture, and were a step ahead.

In the initial stage they used sea weed, iodine and bromine mannite to create signature colors. They experimented a lot and came up with hot tangerine to pink colors. Even black lipsticks were invented back then; bromine mannite with iodine gave deep purple shade. As the ingredients were and poisonous beetles and ants were crushed and carmine color was introduced by Cleopatra. It was not easy either apparently 70,000 beetles were crushed to get 1 pound of carmine dye. Cleopatra was seen wearing red lips most of the time. Cochineal or natural red color is famous even now, dried blood from beetles are used to get this color.

6. Arsenic Hair Removal, 4000-3000 BC

ArsenicHair Removal

One of the well known trends for women is maintaining hairless body which is soft and attractive. Women use razors to shave the hair, some use painful waxing. Let me introduce to one more bizarre technique which was used by renaissance women back in the ancient times. Renaissance women used a pint of arsenic and eighth pint of quick lime to prepare a lotion. Then they went to hot rooms or baths and applied to the parts of the body to be depilated. Arsenic is poisonous and can rip the skin, so when they felt hot, quickly washed them with hot water. So that only hair is removed without peeling the skin off. Hence the process of hair removal left their skin with irritation and skin burning it was not practiced later.

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