India asks UAE To issuing work visas to Indian women who arrive on visitor visas

Sushma Swaraj, Indian minister or external affairs, asks U

Three Indian expats burn to death in Oman road accident

Three Indian expats were killed and another continued extreme wounds w

Mandatory Online Registration For Indian Expats Suspended

The Indian government on weekday deferred a controversial decision to

Former Miss Moscow marries Malaysian king

The 49-year-old king of Malaysia has married 25-year-old previous Miss

Air India plane hits building at Stockholm airport

An Air India plane carrying 179 passengers struck a building at Stockh

22-year-old Filipina expat dies after falling building

22-year-old Filipina worker (OFW) in Ajman (UAE) died after falling of

US offers $5 million reward for info on 26/11 attackers

The US has declared a $5 million reward for information leading to the

Woman demands divorce after husband forgets birthday, anniversary

A woman demanded divorce after her husband kept forgetting their anniv

Manpower ministry extends ban on work permits for some jobs

Oman's Ministry of Manpower has been

Indonesia plane crash: Body of Indian pilot Bhavye Suneja identified

Indonesian experts have recognized the body of Indian pilot Bhavye S

Indonesian maid who punched crying baby, causing her death gets 7 years' jail

An Indonesian maid who punched a baby in the neck, causing her death,

Two Indians Detained By Saudi Arabia Police For Clicking Photos With Indian Flag In Mecca

After two Indian nationals took pictures with the Indian National fl

Indian expat buried 3 years after his death in Saudi Arabia

An expat laborer, whose dead body had been lying for as far back as th

Video: 41-year-old US woman marries 21-year-old Pakistani student

An American woman arrived in Pakistan to marry a Sialkot man she met

Cyclone kills 13 in southern India, 80K people evacuated

A cyclone hit the coast of southern India on Friday, killing at least

2,200 km-Long Railway Network To Link All Six Gulf States

The 2,200 km-long railway network that will link the Gulf Cooperatio

iPhone X explodes during iOS 12.1 update, Apple to investigate

There are people in the world, who legit save up money in a se

Kuwait suspends, redirects flights as weather worsen

Kuwait suspended all departing flights from the capital’s airport on Wednesday due to the e

Lion Air crash: Victim's fiancée takes wedding photos alone

An Indonesian woman whose fiance was killed in the Lion Air cr

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dead at 95

Stan Lee, one of the masterminds of the M

Dog waits 80 days in road where owner died

A faithful dog has been waiting for more than 80 days by a busy Chines

Air India pilot loses licence after failing breath test

A veteran pilot had his flying licence revoked Monday after failing

Holidays for National Day and Prophet's birthday

Oman Announced Holidays for National Day and the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday, reported Timeso

Many injured as plane carrying 126 passengers crash lands

Ten people were injured in scenes describ

Kuwait minister resigns amid severe flooding

 Kuwait’s Minster of Public Works Hussam al-Roumi has res

Philippines Airline flight attendant breastfed stranger's hungry baby mid-flight

A Philippine Airlines flight attendant came to a passenger's r

Lion Air plane wing torn in airport runway accident

A Lion Air plane crashed into a pole at the Fatmawati airport in Bengk

Man sets off Diwali cracker in 3-year-old's mouth, victim critical

A three-year-old girl was critically wounded in Meerut when a mischiev

Ryanair sacks staff who spent night on airport floor

Six Ryanair cabin crew members pictured sleeping on the floor

Dead man shocks family by returning home two months after his funeral

A grieving family was left reeling when their “dead” uncle


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