Draft law on permanent residency approved by Qatari Cabinet

The Qatari took some crucial measures to issue draft law on permanen

Getting Work Visa after receiving an offer letter

A work visa is needed in Qatar if you are a family member, partner or someone planning to work. T

Visit Visa For Wife - Total Salary Exceeds What Is Mentioned In Work Permit

I have been working in Kuwait private sector. My monthly basic salary is KD 190, but I am getting

No Ban if You Finish 2 Years of Employment

If a contract is revoked by the worker for reasons other than those specified in article 121, he

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia agree to Simplify Business Visa Issuance

The 11th session of the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Joint Ministerial Comm


Due to the rapid growth in the number of cars in the country, road safety has become one of the m


Qatar declared it ‘abolished’ the Kafala system in Decem

Resignation or Termination after One Year before finishing your Contract Term

After Resignation (After Finishing One Year Contract Term): 

To Change JOBS In Qatar, You Still Need A 'No Objection' Letter?

Qatar declared it ‘abolished’ the Kafala system in December 2016, instituting a contr

Oman Eases Visa Curbs for Expatriates From More Countries

Foreigners from more countries can now enter Oman on a year-long tourist visa, provided that thei

Working in Qatar? You must know how the Labor Law safeguards your rights

Question: My name is Abdullah, I have started working here in Qatar for a company recently. My

Six months temporary transfer allowed under new law

11 things about NEW LAW that you didn't know,transfer,part time job all allowed

Qatar Labour Law on Sick Leaves!!

Under the Labor Law, a worker is qualified for paid sick leave every year of his service. 

Qatar Law to Regulate Car Parking Approved by Cabinet

A law that regulates car parking in country was approved by the cabinet meeting chaired by Qat

Changing Job in Qatar: Things to know

What Kafala System mentions about Employees  Numerous expats consider the Kafa

Now converting family visa to Residence visa is such a simple procedure!

Steps to Convert a Family Visit Visa to Qatar Residence Visa For those who wish to

Qatar’s new Civil Human Resources Law

On November 23rd 2016, the Law No 15 regarding the Civil Human resources (the New Law) replace

WATCH: Expat family visa changes in Oman

A decision to lower the minimum salary required for expat family visas was issued last week.

Driving license holders from five countries now eligible to avail a Qatari driving license without tests

A new law in Qatar now enables driving license holders from the UK, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovin

When your RP or Driving License is Expiring? This App Will Alert You..

The permits and licenses come with an expiry date. It’s important to renew those before

All You Need to Know about Document Authentication in Qatar

Authentication or legalization of a document refers to the process in which country X recogniz

List of Countries With Visa Free Entry or Visa on Arrival for Filipinos

Philippines citizens have visa on entry or free visa access to 61 countries in the world. As p

New VISA procedure for discussion put by MOI on its Website and social media accounts

The Ministry of Interior has put new entry visa procedure for discussion on its official websi

Working in Qatar? You must know how the Labor Law safeguards your rights.

Question: My name is Abdullah, I have started working here in Qatar for a company recently. My

Learn can you come back after resigning

Working in a corporate setting can be quite stressful and stress can sometimes easily cause a

Taiwan to allow visa-free entry for visitors from Philippines

Taiwan will allow visa-free entry for visitors from the Philippines in hopes that the Southeas

Interest on loans under Qatari laws


Professions not eligible to apply for driving licence

The following is the unofficial  translation of the full list of professions not eligible

Qatari Students in Egypt Urged to File Complaints If Prevented Entry

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged Qatari students who are enrolled in Egyp


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