List of 25 Countries Filipinos Are Not Allowed to Work

You can be an overseas Filipino worker but not in any of the 2

Heavy Fine for throw waste or empty packaging or spitting

The new Clean-Up Code is punishable by a fine of QR500 for the offense

Procedure to Replace Your Lost Driving License in Qatar

Applicants can replace their lost driving licenses or licenses of thei

Here How can you Renew your Driving License

Applicants can renew their own driving licenses or the driving license

'Visit visas valid for one month only' - No extension

Director General of General Department for Residency Affairs Major Gen

Temporary Driving Licence – valid for 3 months, How to apply for a temporary licence ??

It is a legal requirement to hold a valid licence to drive in Qatar. T

Qatar Labour Law Wages annual leave Sickleave salary

Article 65- Qatar Labour Law Wage

10 things you should know about being employed in Qatar

Whether you are exploring career opportunities in Qatar or already w

Qatar new labour Law No two years Ban No Exit Permit Labor Law

In Qatar new labour law there will not be any ban to change jobs and

Qatar : Replace Visit Visa with Work Visa

Sponsors can replace an existing used visit visa with a new valid work

QNB Personal loan Qatar national Bank Doha with basic salary 2000 QAR

Are you planning to get a personal loan in Doha Qatar QNB personal loa

How to Get a Hamad Health Card

Taking care of one’s health is very

Qatar labour law Termination contract expire gratuity benefits

Article 49 – Qatar labour law Termination and  No

Qatar Labour Law Working hours leave overtime holidays

Qatar Labour Law Working hours leave overtime holidays- Here we are di

MOI Qatar Traffic Violation Fines List, How to Check and Pay Violation Fine

The article is focusing to help Qatar exp

ATTENTION Qatar Expats! STAY AWAY! If You CAUGHT Doing THESE Things On Social Media You Will Face JAIL & Hefty FINE!

Everyone knows that we are living in the age of social media unless so

Qatar labour Law Maternity leave Women employment

Qatar labour Law Maternity leave Women employment- Here we are discu

Driving license in Qatar Procedure 2018, Fees, Driving Schools and Documents Requirements

Are you planning to get a Driving license in Qatar or want to know mor

Residents of Qatar can now apply for family visit visas online

Residents seeking to apply for family visit visas can now do it online

How to apply for Qatar Tourist visa online

In a bid to further facilitate visitors’ access to the country,

How To Get A Qatar Driving License + My Experience

When I posted the photo of my driving license back in November in my I

Visa-free entry into this country for one year

The trial period of the visa-free privilege 'will continue until J

Family Visit Visa Application now Available Online

Qatar residents can now apply for a family visit visa online. This is

How to get on-arrival visa for babies in Qatar

Many expatriate women residing in Qatar go to their home cou

Grace Period For Work Visas Issued Last Year To End In September

After two months, next September, the work visas not used by companies

Visa transfer made flexible for expatriates

Expatriates now have more flexibility vis-à-vis the visa transf

You Must Keep Your Passport! Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain and Oman

For Filipinos and many countries abroad, the passport serves as one of the main requirement to tr

Getting a Family Residence Visa in Qatar - Requirements and Conditions

Many expats who work in Qatar have thoughts about bringing their famil


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