Microsoft opens new Mixed Reality Capture Studio in Hollywood

Microsoft has launched another Mixed Real

5 Tips for Saving Money in Qatar

Working in another country is one thing; surviving in that country w

4 Tips to Successfully Find a Job in Qatar

Qatar is considered to be one of the richest countries in the Middle E

Samsung launches Galaxy Note 9 with better battery life and Fortnite

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 9 in New York on Thursday promising b

Just 57.6 million kilometres apart, Mars will make its closest approach to Earth in 15 years

A massive dust storm presently engulfing Mars, however, is obs

Top 10 Richest Airlines In The World

Airways has always been treated as the fastest and easiest way to trav

Top 15 Countries with the Highest Gold reserves in the World

Gold is something magnificent and expensive. It is an element loved by

Rare And Unseen Pictures Of Doha - Qatar

Lots of countries have fossil fuels, but few have done as well as Qata

Taiwan extends visa-free travel for Filipinos for another year

Taiwan has extended visa-free privileges to Filipino visitors for anot

Japan and Singapore now have the world’s most powerful passports

Japan and Singapore have leapfrogged Germany to share the honour of ha

4 Reasons Why Some OFWs Return Home Without Savings

Contrary to many expectations that once a Filipino goes abroad and get

After a 400-Year Absence, A Rare Ibis Returns to European Skies

The northern bald ibis is critically endangered, with fewer th

Why don’t Airplanes fly over Holy Kaaba in Makkah?

While I was surfing the internet, I saw many people into a debate that

6 GCC Countries – 6 different types of Thobes

If you’ve moved into the GCC states, then you’ve just push

6 Bad Roommate Experiences of OFWs Who Share Accommodations

Many Filipinos work abroad hoping to provide for families and prepare

10 Countries With Maximum Percentage Of Indian Population

Do you know apart from India, which other places are Indians settled

Evolution of Qatar Currency

Early man managed several thousand years of bargaining and bartering w


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